Monday, November 26, 2007

Sal Raldolph "texts" the context of instructional art and Lawrence Weiner

Yesterday, Sunday Pocket Utopia held a closing party for Lawrence Weiner and an "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth" salon with Sal Randolph.

Sal Randolph read from Lawrence Weiner's statements and those of other artists including Robert Barry, Alan Kaprow, Ben Kinmont, Alison Knowles, Lee Lozano, Yoko Ono, and La Monte Young. She opened with a discussion on the relationship of text statements to physical embodiment in conceptual and performative artwork with the Pocket Utopia's re-creation of ("A 36" x 36" Removal to the Lathing or Support Wall of Plaster or Wallboard From a Wall,"1968) as the star example. We served Pernod and Fig Newtons.

Sal presented parts of her gathered anthology of instructional based artworks and antedotes of actually "doing" an instructional artwork or just reading about doing it, and all that it implies. The afternoon was liberating in that, yes, life sometimes (and art) comes with instructions. Thanks Sal!

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