Saturday, December 1, 2007

Etsy is installed, even if it's missing a piece...

It's not just a show about craft or craft-based artists, it's a show about Etsy! I'm trying to shake it up a little bit. Last month it was high concept with a salon organized in Lawrence Weiner's honor and now it's origami butterflies and ceramics.

The artists are from all over; Philadelphia, and smaller Pennsylvania towns, towns in California, some place in Tennessee, Montreal, Maine, California, Cambridge, UK, and Chicago.

In a not so specific order here are the artist stores to check out and some images of the show above.

Erin Partridge
Janice Lagard
Abby Glassenberg
Corey Ramsey
Irene Suchocki
Megan Bogonovich
Cathy Nichols
Karen Switzer
Kim Westad
Shannon Rankin
Susan Angebranndt
Tiina Burton
Dan Grzeca
Peter Cunicelli
Hal Hahn

It's also Arts in Bushwick Day tomorrow and our Audra is doing a project!! It's titled "Instruction Sites" and you'll find it around Bushwick, you'll have discover something to do.

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