Thursday, December 20, 2007

Intern Appreciation Day

Today is intern appreciation day! Here's to Audra Wolowiec, out there collecting posters of Lawrence Weiner's (before they are pasted over) Whitney retrospective from blue walled-in construction sites, and to Matthew Miller who's giving and receiving his final critic of the semester right now!

I love both of you! Team Pocket Utopia rocks! We've eaten enough egg rolls to last a lifetime! Thank you for supporting this post-studio, post-gallery, and now post-curatorial salon space. There's a lot coming up. We've got more tours of all kinds (studios, galleries, and collectors homes), prints to produce, shows to hang, pack, ship, and talk about.

The next show will delve into another pocket utopia, the Fine Art Adoption Network. Everything in the show will be available for adoption. Next up will be Rico Gatson's show. Pictured above, are test prints for the edition he will produce for us. Then there's Danielle Rubi, artist extraordinaire from California, Libby Hartle will show the fruits of her post-studio residency in April, followed by a service-oriented exhibition by our Audra and spring, post-studio artist in resident Brece Honeycutt, and then we'll finish up with a summer photography show.

Preview photos are as follows, representing the FAAN show: Tattfoo Tan
Rico Gatson working on his edition for Pocket Utopia, titled "Nina Simone"
Danielle Rubi's example of a cyanotype process and Audra cutting Brece's hair!!

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