Saturday, November 24, 2007

A collector's utopia

While in Chicago I visited an art collector's home utopia and admired this newspaper collage by Jean Dubuffet in the bedroom. All the other pictures I took didn't really come out right; the pieces Richard Tuttle made especially for the entrance way were to blurry, the Maya Lin custom stools I chopped short, the Sol Lewitt coffee table picture had too harsh a reflection from the flash, and the Klint came out too dark (I should have used a flash).

Nothing quite captured the home or the artwork just right because there was little distinction between the two.  The house was built around the art and the art was installed perfectly in it's home.  It was an experience.

I returned to my home last night to find a package from Lawrence Weiner waiting for me.  A little utopia of my own in an envelope.

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