Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Lawrence Weiner Salon opens

A Lawrence Weiner Salon opened Friday night with a reading room, a re-creation, and a text piece. Special guest artist Andrew Hurst performed brillantly. Lawrence would have been pleased.

The show presents an installation of books by and about Lawrence Weiner, a re-creation (“A 36” x 36” Removal to the Lathing or Support Wall of Plaster or Wallboard From a Wall,” 1968) and a text piece. Weiner has long pursued inquiries into language and art-making and posits a radical redefinition of the artist/viewer relationship and the very nature of the artwork. Here too, the venue or gallery and its relationship to the artist also gets redefined.

By transporting his investigations to Bushwick's Pocket Utopia, the viewer will discover a comfortable and unobtrusive means to read and experience Weiner's work and make their own assumptions about the nature of the art object. Working with the Weiner's grateful acknowledgment, Pocket Utopia democratizes access to his work. Although the artist here is all but invisible, the viewer will be able to see even farther, think a little more and read a lot.

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