Sunday, September 16, 2007

#4 Pocket Utopia is my artwork

Pocket Utopia is an extension of my social practice (from perches to pocket utopias). It is a social sculpture. It is also a gallery and a post-studio residency for artists that blurs the lines between artist, dealer, gallerist, viewer and participant. My blogs, this one and ATfreespace are my written and conceptual or theoretical companions to the spaces and the practices.

My work doesn't always contain an object, the viewer plays a part. Sometimes I serve up art, life and/or egg rolls. I don't want any artist to feel used by these fertile and flexible movements of my life and work. I like helping other artists and try to say "yes" to them and their ideas. I am going to keep it interesting. At Pocket Utopia we don't blame or criticize, we fix and do. There are several ways to support Pocket Utopia and many ways to get involved.

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