Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Of all the creative pocket utopias I've looked at thus far, and please be encouraged to experiment with one yourself, I think that FAAN is the most successful. It might not be realistic to compare ourselves to Lawrence Weiner and the Pierogi Flatfile has Joe Amrhein as a gatekeeper, but FAAN is controlled by the artists that are on it. (Although you do have to be invited by an artist on the site in order to join).

As a participating FAAN artist, I can give away one maybe two works (for whatever reason) every couple of years to a collector that may (for whatever reason) not be able to buy it for full market value. It's that simple. Other artists may choose to put work on the site for a variety of reasons and that's there choice at the moment, but I think for me it works to keep it simple, for it's a gift to be so.

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