Sunday, January 6, 2008

An artworld refuge

After going to an opening on the lower east side last night and not being able to get into the small, over-crowded space to watch a performance of spandex-clad women passing a golden fish in the dark, and standing on the sidewalk in the rain, it dawned on me that I've created a real world refuge for artists out in Bushwick. While I thought the lower east side opening was pretty awful, bordering on mild torture and another, attended at an exclusive Charles Street gallery, relatively boring and mind-numbing, I thought the FAAN opening at Pocket Utopia pretty blissful!

At the FAAN opening, which was 4 hours long, we popped champagne, bottle after bottle, and of course talk about art , money, politics, and share recipes in a supportive environment! It was sooooo fun! What a blast we're having!

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