Monday, April 21, 2008

Guest Blog post by Brece Honeycutt: artist in residence

Austin was away this weekend, so I was minding the gallery. At the end of Saturday, I sent her a report and thanked her for making such an incredible space to work in. As each individual walked into the space, the sense of Austin was apparent in the way they viewed it and felt it. Often the visitor expressed real regret that Austin was not there, and I admit, I too, felt a bit lonely without her. However, the visitors rolled in, some new to the space and many repeat visitors. People stop by on a regular basis on the weekends to see the work and chat, and now they have a place to sit, thanks to Libby’s addition of two beautiful benches.

Visitors included artists, friends and neighbors. Here is a partial list: Libby Hartle (former resident artist and current exhibitor); Audra (former intern and co-exhibitor with me in May); (Lindon (owner of the day care center down the street); Ben (in FAAN exhibition and neighbor); Hung (artist and instigator of new lecture series); Todd (neighbor and writer); Adam (artist and FAAN founder); Graham (neighbor and artist doing an upcoming project in Bushwick): a couple new to the space that “oooed and ahhed” over Libby’s nest sculptures and drawings and later returned with friends in tow.

So thanks to Austin for constructing such a perfect utopia and to the many guests that kept me company over the weekend.

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