Monday, February 11, 2008

New artist in residence in full spin

Wearing her grandmother's apron, Brece Honeycutt starts her residency at Pocket utopia by spinning raw wool and weaving it with plastic bags. Come visit her, bring a bag.


leeadair said...

I have never given much thought to spinning except something women of history and legend did while waiting for the men to rescue them or return from war. So thank you, Brece, for calling attention to this age-old action which carries within it movement, energy and life (whirling dervishes come to mind as does the image of a child spinning round and round until the world... spins), the power of thoughts to evoke life and create realities (spinning tales and putting the spin on facts), and the opposing forces of control and order (handfuls of wool spun into tidy thread) and of chaos and entropy (as threads unravel and things spin out of control).
I look forward to stopping in and watching you in action.

leeadair said...

And a question comes to mind, Brece: what are you finding out through the action of spinning both in private and in public spaces?