Friday, October 5, 2007

The road to pocket Utopia is a two-way street

Thank you Audra for the above picture. Thank you artists that call, email, and meet me halfway. I appreciate learning from you. More importantly, I am grateful to those of you who share with me. You understand that I am not a sole provider. Pocket Utopia is a place to give not take.

I also want to thank, Rob Burke, right here, for building out a beautiful gallery space, for that I am grateful. I also want to thank the neighbors Victoria and Yvette for bringing my family and I dinner last Sunday afternoon. Yum! And thank you, "great teacher", whoever you are next, for teaching me that the most important thing is for me to make my art!

Lucas Reiner completed the first ever Pocket Utopia print edition last night! Miracles can happen. Thank you, Lucas! There's an opening tonight, so come out!

Oh, and I almost forgot to thank Lawrence Weiner for calling me and saying "thank you!" So, if you're driving, don't go the wrong way on a one way street, it's not good for your art career.

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